RECOVERY work on Yang Ming Efficiency containers resumed on Tuesday night, with bad weather having forced a halt last week.

 According to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, efforts are underway to retrieve debris and and the final six identified containers off the Hunter Coast.

Crew of the specialist vessel MV Pride recovered a hydraulic tank and motor, a corner section of a container and discovered two containers split open with several steel beams spilling out.


“Due to their weight, each beam was lifted separately by MV Pride’s heave compensating crane, which slowed overnight recovery operations,” AMSA stated.

Machinery set to be recovered from one of the container retrieval sites. Credit: AMSA

“Both containers are yet to be recovered and the site cleared of debris.”

Yang Ming Efficiency was famously the centre of controversy in mid-2018 when more than 80 containers fell overboard off the NSW Central Coast during a night of wild weather.