DP WORLD is increasing landside fees across its four Australia terminals from 1 January 2024.

The terminal operator on 31 October announced its plans to change landside pricing at terminals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle.

On the east coast, terminal access charges on full export containers are set to increase by 52.52% to $175.70 per container (according to the notice) in Melbourne, 38.8% to $159.90 in Sydney and by 37.50% to $158.40 in Brisbane.

TACs on full import containers would rise by 26.18% to $176.90 per container in Brisbane, 25.49% to $179.70 in Sydney and 21.22% to $190.80 in Melbourne.

On the west coast, in Fremantle, TACs would increase by 5% to $50.40 per full import or export container.

“DPWA forecasts more than $600 million in capital expenditure across 2023 – 2026 will be required across our four terminals to invest in key equipment, civil expansion works and other equipment to cater for greater landside demand going forward,” DP World said in industry notifications.

“These investments are required to ensure we continue to deliver the landside service levels required by the industry.”

DP World’s planned capital expenditure in Brisbane includes new ASC modules, crane replacement, three new shuttles and two new reach stackers.

In Sydney, it includes a replacement quay crane, a reefer tower and pavement works among other items; and capex in Melbourne includes 20 replacement straddles.

Fremantle would receive eight replacement and new forklifts and seven replacement ITVs and trailers. DP World is also planning to upgrade IT infrastructure and systems at each of the terminals.

Container Transport Alliance Australia in a notice to members said CTAA would be asking for further justification for the “steep” increases in fees and charges.

“For instance, what is the justification for a 49.74% increase in Fremantle and a 35.65% increase in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on Vehicle Booking System fees? How can those levels of increases be justified in relation to expenditure on upgrading IT infrastructure and systems?”

DP World invited industry to provide feedback on the proposed changes by 24 November 2023.

It said it will publish its final notice on the DPWA customer portal by 1 January 2024.