THE annual salary guide from recruitment agency Hays has reported that increases in personnel in the logistics sector will be focused on multi-skilled candidates across transport, warehousing and supply chain.

The reports said that freight forwarders remain in demand but require “relevant experience”.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership has increased vacancy activity in freight forwarding across Australia and subsequently demand for import/export professionals, with a focus from employers on sea freight and Mandarin speaking candidates. Those with CargoWise knowledge are also sought,” the report said.

The heavy vehicle regulations will continue to create demand in the transport sector for qualified supervisors with a chain of responsibility accreditation.

“In a localised trend, New South Wales’ growing 3PL footprint is leading to demand for warehouse managers, logistics co-ordinators, analysts, pallet controllers and dispatch co-ordinators,” the report said.

“Expectations from 3PL employers are growing and they therefore look for candidates who can ensure service delivery levels are met, if not exceeded. They also want to see degree-qualified candidates with experience in a similar environment.”

Import and export co-ordinators are another area of demand according to Hays. With many companies moving their manufacturing overseas, candidates with international shipping experience and cargo software knowledge are required.

“Wharf fleet controllers are also sought in response to turnover resulting from the high pressure working environment. Employers look for candidates with wharf experience and a secure, stable and successful career within this space,” the report said.

“Another interesting trend is the recovery of the senior level supply chain market. Today, candidates with change management experience, from both a people and process perspective, are in high demand.”


This is a result of organisations realising the impact that big data, systems and technology can have on improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

“Individuals who can coach a business through this transition are highly sought after in the current market,” the report said.

According to the FY 2019/20 Hays Salary Guide, more logistics professionals will receive a pay rise this year than last, but it will be a less significant increase than they hoped for.

“We found that 92% of employers will increase their transport and distribution staff salaries in their next review, up from 83% who did so in their last review.

“However, the value of these increases will fall. Some 71% intend to raise salaries at the lower level of 3% or less, up from 63% who did so in their last review.

“At the other end of the scale, just 3% of employers intend to grant pay increases of more than 6%. The number of employers who will increase salaries at the mid-level, between 3 and 6%, has risen slightly, from 17% to 18%,” the report said.