INFRASTRUCTURE Australia CEO Romilly Madew is to depart the organisation at the end of July to take up the role of chief executive of Engineers Australia.

IA chair Col Murray thanked Ms Madew and said she had been an outstanding CEO for IA.

“We will miss her leadership, collaborative approach and skills,” he said.

“Her impact on Australia’s infrastructure assessment and policy has been positive and sustained, reflecting her passion for the sector and her strong, trusted relationships with stakeholders across government at all levels, industry and the community.”

Mr Murray said under Ms Madew’s leadership, Infrastructure Australia had strengthened the Infrastructure Priority List and refreshed its assessment framework, broadening the assessment criteria to allow for more holistic reviews of a proposal’s potential benefits, in addition to those that can be monetised through traditional cost-benefit analysis.


“During her time as CEO, Romilly oversaw the publication of the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit, 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan and provided support to the Australian Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all highly regarded pieces of work to drive economic growth, maintain and enhance our standard of living, and improve the resilience and sustainability of nationally significant infrastructure,” Mr Murray said.

“Romilly has also led a range of new initiatives for Infrastructure Australia, including our Infrastructure Market Capacity program, Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps and Delivering Outcomes research and implementation of our first Reconciliation Action Plan.”

Ms Madew said: “I am extremely proud that I have been able to lead Infrastructure Australia over the past three and a half years with all that we have accomplished, and I am looking forward to seeing a new CEO appointed to take Infrastructure Australia even further.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with federal and state and territory government officials to drive transformation across the infrastructure sector and appreciated their willingness to authentically collaborate.”

IA said details regarding the recruitment of a new CEO and any acting arrangements would be announced in due course.