BRENDAN Webb has announced he is stepping down as chief executive officer of Ports Victoria.

Mr Webb will leave Ports Victoria in September and is to take up the role of chief executive officer at North Queensland Bulk Ports.

He was the inaugural CEO of Ports Victoria and led the organisation through its formation.

Mr Webb said: “I have appreciated the opportunity and enjoyed leading Ports Victoria through its initial development”.

“I want to thank the Ports Victoria staff, the Board of Directors and the minister for ports and freight for their support during my time as CEO.”

Ports Victoria chair Howard Ronaldson said: “I thank Brendan for his contribution as CEO of Ports Victoria”.

“His leadership during an important period gives the organisation a strong base to continue developing into its important leadership role within Victoria’s port system.”

A statement from Ports Victoria said Mr Webb raised awareness of navigational safety matters and gained commitment from the wider port community on these issues.

On of Port’s Victoria’s major achievements under Mr Webb’s leadership was the development of the first comprehensive pilotage standard for Victoria, to provide consistency of services and enhance navigational safety.

Ports Victoria said arrangements would be made for an interim chief executive officer appointment while a recruitment process is undertaken.

Ports Victoria began as an amalgamation of the Victorian Regional Channels Authority and Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne). It commenced operations in July 2021.

Mr Webb was announced as the inaugural CEO of the organisation in November 2021 and commenced the role at the start of 2022. He had previously held general manager roles at NQBP, starting in 2017.