How DP World is empowering Australian businesses to grow

DP World is continuing its expansion beyond the terminal gate, growing into a leading end-to-end supply-chain services provider, enhancing Australian businesses’ connectivity with our global marketplace.

We offer customers a global network of more than 60 ports, including 18 in APAC, linking into an integrated logistics network. Over the past decade, DP World has invested more than US$10 billion in the logistics sector globally, including several major investments in Australia.

Trade is the lifeblood of the global economy, and in Australia, international trade contributes more than $1 trillion – or more than 40% of GDP – to the economy.

DP World aims to create better links with Australia’s trade partners, particularly those in the APAC region, which is the world’s growth engine and accounts for two-thirds of Australia’s trade volume.

DP World’s ambitious agenda will provide its customers – as well as their customers – with more integrated, sustainable, and resilient supply-chain solutions. To make this happen, DP World is harmonising its operations to expand offerings.

A closer look at DP World’s terminals

DP World has four terminals in Australia – in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Fremantle. Its ports in Australia handled 3.3 million TEUs in 2022.

The company is enhancing its port services with investments in its facilities.

In Fremantle, we have added nine heavy forklifts to improve flow of operations. Also, the terminal is expected to take delivery of a new quay crane in early 2024.

In Sydney, DP World installed 10 new- generation Rubber-Tyred Gantry cranes. These machines deliver 40% greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

In Brisbane, DP World’s terminal operates a semi-automated terminal and is looking to take delivery of three additional shuttle carriers in the next six months to boost operational productivity.

In Melbourne, DP World is looking to invest in hybrid straddles that will drive operational efficiency and lower emissions.

Enabling a connected supply chain

DP World is leveraging its leadership in global terminal operations, building an integrated logistics offering for Australian industry. We are creating robust, strong, and efficient end-to-end solutions in landside and contract logistics and freight forwarding.

In Melbourne, DP World maintains an integrated container park, seamlessly linking rail, road, and sea. Customers can access reefer storage and handling services, quarantine services and container maintenance and repairs.

In Sydney, DP World has invested $4 million in the city’s biggest container park, which has a capacity of more than 18,500 TEUs, offering warehousing, container transport solutions and storage.

Within its Sydney port precinct park, in March this year, DP World opened Reefer World. It offers pre-trip wash, inspection, and structural repairs for reefers.

Reefer World has effectively doubled the company’s ability to supply empty refrigerated containers for customers, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Its location – adjacent to the DP World Sydney Terminal – enables access to end-to-end cold chain solutions, as well as quicker turnaround times. Last year, DP World also began supporting its customers with landside transport.

New capabilities for Australia

Efficient supply chains are central to the success of Australian businesses. With its global reach and industry expertise, DP World gives its customers an edge. The new capabilities that it has cultivated will help to better connect local businesses into the global economy.

Australia’s trade ecosystem is essential for the nation’s success. DP World’s transformation will help maintain that ecosystem, enabling trade flow to change what’s possible for everyone.