The power of networks

The true strength of any network is not only in its size but also in the strength of how it is connected through both systems and people. Röhlig Logistics – an owner-operated logistics company that offers services in the areas of sea freight, air freight and contract logistics – and maintains a robust and growing global network of its own offices, with the Australian subsidiary as an important, and early, part of company global expansion.


Röhlig Logistics presently has a growing constellation of more than 150 offices in more than 30 countries. Australia was home to the company’s second office outside of Germany when the office opened in 1973.

Since then, the company has expanded in the country. Outside of its head office in Sydney, Röhlig has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth. There are also offices across the Tasman in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

In June 2023, the company opened a new purpose-built warehouse in Adelaide. The new facility covers an area of 2500 square metres and has more than 1600 pallet spaces. The previous year, Röhlig Australia expanded its contract logistics operation with a new warehouse in Perth Airport, WA.

Thomas Hansen CEO Australia & New Zealand, Röhlig Logistics
Thomas Hansen – CEO Australia & New Zealand, Röhlig Logistics

Thomas Hansen, CEO Australia & New Zealand at Röhlig Logistics, said there are other areas in Australia the company is looking to expand into.

“There is more and more business in the regions and we want to make sure we move with our customers and have a footprint where they need us. We want to be close to our customers, and we want to know our customers,” he said. “In this day and age when everything can be done remotely, we are still in a business where people deal with people. That human contact with our clients is really important to us.”


However, freight forwarding is an international business and overseas footprint and connections are just as important as local. According to Mr. Hansen, maintaining company-owned offices across the globe guarantees both visibility and a consistent customer experience.

“Our operating system is the same where we have our own offices. This gives Röhlig an opportunity to immediately create visibility for our clients’ supply chain thereby enhancing the customer experience he said.

Röhlig Logistics’ offices, strategically positioned around the world, work seamlessly in unison, adhering to the same procedures and fostering a consistent corporate culture. In 2022, Röhlig Logistics added Dubai and Switzerland to its network, and Brazil and Japan in 2023. In the coming years, the company will continue to expand its network, extend its range of services and invest further in the digitisation of its products.  By harnessing the strength of their connections, Röhlig Logistics has not only expanded its global footprint but has also set a remarkable standard for collaborative excellence in the world of logistics, ultimately delivering the best possible results for Röhlig’s valued customers.

History fact: First time in Australia in 1989 – a network activated for big cargoes by Röhlig Logistics

Röhlig Australia in November 1989 chartered one of the world’s biggest cargo planes to carry a 55-tonne printing press from Finland and escalators from Germany to Australia.

The freight forwarder employed its regional network in Australasia to bring the aircraft to the region for the first time ever in Australian history, and ensure it got maximum utilisation while down under.

Röhlig spent 25 days in negotiation with Soviet authorities to hammer out the deal to charter the plane.

The Röhlig team was able to arrange an additional charters, after delivering its cargo from Europe to Melbourne, the aeroplane loaded a high-tech television broadcast van and headed to New Zealand. The van was urgently needed for coverage of the 1990 Commonwealth Games. While in New Zealand, the plane picked up a consignment of containerised freight and 60 tonnes of aluminium bound for Melbourne.

Carrying out such a project 34 years ago – in the pre-internet era – illustrated how innovative Röhlig Logistics was in activating its network to overcome big logistical challenges for the benefit of its clients. Today, Röhlig Logistics operates regular charters with an exceptional level of excellence and proficiency. This historical journey stands as a testament to the company’s enduring legacy of innovation and adaptability, continuously ensuring that their customers receive the highest standard of service in an ever-evolving logistics landscape.