CULTURAL Diversity Week is Australia’s largest multicultural celebration which features an array of events across metropolitan and regional areas.

CEO of ANL Shane Walden says a diverse workplace is a crucial asset that highlights the individual strengths of employees and allows fresh perspectives for business innovation.

As we become more globalised and interconnected, specifically within the maritime industry, Mr Walden believes this delivers a number of benefits for businesses ranging from creativity and productivity, through to cultural awareness and opportunity.

“Being in an industry that operates 24/7 on a global scale, the benefits derived from a diverse and inclusive workplace are essential to the success of our business.

“By employing a team of various backgrounds and cultures, this generates a broader range of skills, experiences and perspectives which cannot necessarily be taught ‘on the job’…

“It’s these combinations that deliver dynamic, ‘out of the square’ ideas, which offer the best solutions to our business challenges,” he said.


ANL operates services throughout the Pacific Islands, Asia, Australia and New Zealand making cultural awareness paramount to day-to- day business. Its teams are well-equipped to manage and overcome certain barriers such as language, practices and procedures.

Having immersed himself in several roles Mr Walden has gained valuable cultural learnings during his postings in Marseille and Hong Kong.

“ANL is a business that loves to learn, and there is nothing more valuable than learning from your peers. By understanding the perspective of others on what we can do to make ourselves better, and opening the opportunity to grow, this creates a collaborative, engaged and stimulated work environment where staff continue to acquire knowledge not only from the top down, but from their coworkers,” he said.

“Valuing the differences of others is what ultimately brings us together, and that is the key to a thriving workplace.”