A new $1.13-million National Trade Program will support South Australian companies to develop their export capability through a bespoke capacity building program that will provide assistance to 15 South Australian companies to expand their businesses, with a view to exporting overseas.

Announcing the initiative, state minister for trade and investment Stephen Patterson said the National Trade Program will help companies to get their products interstate, the first step in exporting.

“We have seen that scaled-up international expansion often starts with companies expanding into interstate markets – we understand that interstate expansion enables businesses to test their products in markets close by,” Mr Patterson said.

“This then helps companies to fully understand the logistics, channel partner requirements, remote warehousing needs and how they manage receivables and invoices – all at a stone’s throw away rather than overseas.

“At the same time, we know that by exporting interstate, companies are able to build their business capability and have confidence in what they are doing – getting them ready to expand into international markets.”

The National Trade Program will provide training, access to industry mentors and offer direct connections to interstate buyers and distributers to help company participants secure interstate sales.

“The program is for South Australian companies who are not already exporting overseas.

“It is a bespoke program targeting retail ready products including food, beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), wine, health and beauty.”


The program will include:

  • Export training modules delivered online by the Export Council of Australia
  • Ongoing one-to-one mentoring with industry specific experts
  • Excellent platform to test products for market acceptance
  • Raise the profile of a company domestically and increase sales
  • Provide opportunities to pitch to new buyer networks and channels at trade fairs.

The state government will sponsor all participation costs. However, companies will be required to cover the costs of shipping samples interstate and any travel costs.

Mr Steve Dorman from Adelaide Hills Distillery believes shipping products interstate is a great way to increase volume and economies of scale.

“Companies can test their brand outside of South Australia to see if it needs to be updated, changed or tweaked as it may be that those outside of the state need something slightly different so they can relate to it,” Mr Dorman said.

“It also enables companies to test their supply chain and systems, check that packaging is durable and helps to refine sales pitches and marketing collateral.

“Exporting nationally drives volume and may give companies access into the bigger chains and wholesalers with national distribution, as well as driving efficiencies through the business.