INTERMODAL terminals and other licensed premised are the target of the Freight & Trade Alliance’s latest move to increase security with the help of Certis Security Australia.

The industry group has announced its partnership with Certis to provide stricter controls on cargo as supply chain congestion has led to goods moving away from the security of ports and airports.

Paul Zalai, Director at FTA said, “The partnership comes at a much-needed time in the sector, as the Australian Border Force continues to make significant seizures combatting international crime syndicates that are bringing in prohibited and restricted goods through record volumes of imported cargo.

“A high demand for goods has seen our ports become congested alongside a boom in ecommerce air cargo volume. This has seen an increased usage of intermodal terminals and other licensed premises to receive goods under customs and biosecurity control.

“In order to safeguard the community, it’s important these facilities operate under stricter regulatory controls that maintain the same security as a port or airport. It’s no longer enough to install a barbed-wire fence and CCTV surveillance,” he said.


To this end, FTA has partnered with Certis Security Australia to deliver multi-disciplinary integrated services, providing members with best practice solutions.

“In ensuring each product entering our borders is compliant with Australian legislation, the right security talent and technologies is needed at every step of the supply chain,” Mr Zalai said.

Christian Dorau, general manager at Certis Security Australia said, “We are proud to partner with FTA to help protect Australia using advanced security solutions.

“By working closely with FTA and its partner organisations, we can build better security practices into the supply chain to ensure a safer Australia.”