KANGAROO Island Plantation Timbers is one step closer to building its multi-user deepwater port at Smith Bay on Kangaroo Island. The four-week public exhibition period for new amendments to its environmental impact statement.

The amendments were added in response to requests for more complete information on traffic and access arrangements to the proposed port, further details about biosecurity management and further detailed design of the facility.

KPT chairman Paul McKenzie said, “Following this third round of public consultation, I urge the government to bring the almost four-year development assessment process to a timely and favourable conclusion, so that Kangaroo Island, like most other populated parts of South Australia, can have direct access to international markets, with the increased employment and prosperity that this will bring”.

“I anticipate a significant increase in farmland prices on Kangaroo Island once the development is approved,” Mr McKenzie said.

“This will provide farmers greater access to capital to invest in productivity-enhancing initiatives and improve farm profitability.”

KPT said the proposed port would be suitable for timber, passenger and general cargo vessels and it would be the only such facility on the island. There is to be a jetty extending into the sea to a floating pontoon berth. Woodchips are to be transferred by a conveyor belt and logs by truck on the jetty.

The company said once established the port will handle around 12 shipments of plantation timber per year and will be used for about 60 days each year for timber exports.