TRADEWINDOW, a New Zealand-based freight technology company, has expanded its reach in South East Asia with a sales-agency agreement with InterCommerce Network Services.

InterCommerce is based in the Philippines and sells electronic commerce systems. It is a member of the Pan Asian Ecommerce Alliance. This, TradeWindow says, equips it with “deep digital trade networks” with 15 other quasi-governmental members and associate members (including TradeWindow).

TradeWindow CEO AJ Smith said the agreement reflects the company’s strategy to forge deep connections in the extensive cargo eco-systems across Asia.

“The combined statistics from the United Nations and the World Bank indicate that the serviceable available market in Asia is some $270 billion, or around 22 times the size of the $12.1 billion Australian and New Zealand market,” he said.


“The Philippine market is extensive, but also very nuanced; having people on-the-ground with expert market knowledge will ensure our solutions are integrated into local and regional networks in the most relevant way.”.

InterCommerce will become a sales agent for TradeWindow’s Freight system, which provides an operating system for small to medium sized freight forwarders.

TradeWindow chief revenue officer Andrew Balgarnie said expanding into the Philippines is an important next step to enabling global trade connectivity.

“InterCommerce is known for its successful efforts to facilitate international trade and information exchange in line with Customs and trade regulatory organisations, particularly for enabling the bilateral exchange of electronic phytosanitary certificates (ePhyto), which are so important to food and agri producing countries,” Mr Balgarnie said.

The Philippines, through IPPC ePhyto Hub, can now receive ePhyto certificates from New Zealand, Denmark, Argentina, and Chile.