THE Höegh America has delivered over-dimensional breakbulk cargo for the mining industry to the Port of Mackay, before departing for Japan.

The Höegh America is a smaller car carrier, at 6500 capacity, compared with the Höegh Trapper which gained much interest when it visited Mackay in March. However, the America is still impressive in its own right, according to some, being almost 200 metres long and 32 metres wide.

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation CEO Nicolas Fertin said the Port of Mackay was the logical gateway for over-sized cargo bound for the Bowen and Galilee basins.

“Large mining, agricultural or other equipment is being regularly shipped directly to the region,” Ms Fertin said.


Höegh Autoliners’ Australian representative Brendan Wallis said Mackay had been a great addition to its service.

“We now have vessels sailing to Mackay every month, which gives our customers confidence to plan and optimise their supply chain for maximum efficiency in the competitive environments that they operate in,” he said.

Höegh has increased its direct shipping service to Australia and New Zealand from the USA and Mexico, providing Mackay and the nearby Bowen Basin with a direct link to North American mining equipment manufacturers.