EMPTY container park operator Tyne Container Services is switching to the OneStop Modal platform at its Port Botany MT Movements empty container depot.

OneStop Modal is the technology provider’s depot operating system. Tyne’s transition to the system would include integration of OneStop VBS (the company’s vehicle booking system), optical camera recognition and license plate recognition.

OneStop Modal and OneStop VBS are due to go live at the facility on 1 June 2024, with camera and license plate recognition to be enabled in late 2024.

Expected outcomes are enhanced automation, real-time insights into container movements and time and cost efficiencies.

“Our partnership with Tyne isn’t just about setting new benchmarks; it’s about continuing to ignite that paradigm shift in how we perceive and execute logistics,” OneStop chief commercial officer Chris Harnett said.

“Together, we are charting a course towards a future where efficiency, sustainability, and interconnectivity reign supreme.”

Container Transport Alliance Australia welcomed Tuesday’s announcement, anticipating greater landside productivity and visibility at the port.

CTAA director Neil Chambers believes OneStop Modal has proven to be the “superior” container depot management platform, citing a similar partnership and transition made by ACFS Port Logistics last year.

He expects the switch at Tyne’s facility to deliver greater information transparency, reduced truck processing times, and millions of dollars in savings each year for the container transport sector.

“When you measure the benefits of paperless truck entry at other empty container depots in Australia and now in Port Botany, you witness improved truck turnaround times of up to 30%, based on a time saving per truck of between five to 10 minutes per visit,” Mr Chambers said.

“Faster truck turnaround times increase the depot’s capacity to handle more truck visits per time zone.

“You then add in the savings achieved through greater visibility of electronic information from the shipping lines on empty de-hire location and status and export release information. This greatly reduces the administrative burden imposed on container transport operators.”

Mr Chambers encouraged all empty container parks in Port botany and around Australia to transition to OneStop Modal and invest in paperless truck entry initiatives.

“We are looking forward to further announcements of this kind soon,” he said.